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Welcome to the LYU Group


  • April 2024. Junjie is awarded the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPFS) ! Congratulations!

  • Oct. 2023. Junjie join our lab. Welcome!

  • Oct. 2023. Our research "Stereoselective Unsymmetrical 1,1-Diborylation of Alkynes with a Neutral sp2−sp3 Diboron Reagent" is accepted by Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Congratulations to Xiangyu!

  • Aug. 2023. Weixuan and Zhanqiang join our lab. Welcome!

  • May. 2023. Adam joins our lab. Welcome!

  • Feb. 2023. Hongyi won the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in 2022/23! Congratulations!

  • Sept. 2022. Chunhai and Ryan join our lab. Welcome!

  • Aug. 2022. Xiangyu and Hongyi join our lab. Welcome!

  • Aug. 2022. The Lyu group starts in CUHK. Welcome to our Lab!



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